Hi, I’m Maji Efevwerha

Hi! I’m Maji. I’m an entrepreneur, business coach and mom. I totally understand the struggles that come with running your own business: trying to find time, prioritizing, deciding what to do…and when to do it, and ALL the fears and doubts.

The good news: It doesn’t require lots of time and talent to be successful. You’ve already got what it takes. Now, you just need to tap it. Fears? Yah. Doubts? Of Course! Failures along the way? Just part of the process. Welcome to entrepreneurship.

Time to push past fear, perfectionism, and excuses so you can put an action plan in place, and get moving. Now’s the time to align all the pieces so that you can ensure lasting and sustainable success.

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Your business has to be a non-negotiable, just like your kids. The question isn’t whether you’re capable, it’s whether you’re committed to doing what it takes. Regardless of how much, or little, time you (think) you have. And if you’re not really committed, don’t do it.

Because you don’t have the luxury of time to waste when you’re a mom. You have a family counting on you. But if you truly want success in business, you can do it – and I can help. ….


Professional Bio


Over the past few years, Maji has helped lots of women across the globe, break through barriers inhibiting their success and happiness via her groundbreaking step by step process, providing strategy, direction, accountability and mindset training to help them explode their business.

Today, I run multiple businesses AND a mom . I thought being an entrepreneur was hard. Being a mom is the hardest job ever! And running a business at the same time…well, I don’t have to tell you. It’s a challenge. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, it’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE! I’m doing it. But let me share this – you have to be 100% “IN” if you’re going to do both.

Whether you’re single, married, a parent, an aunt—doesn’t matter. We all have our challenges to bust through. And that is my specialty.

I’m on a mission to help you do that very thing you’re itching to do: Create a legit business, make more money, make more of your time, and build something you can be proud of.

So if you’re serious, passionate, committed, and are willing to make some time for your success… LET’S GO!