Business Success & Personal Development Coach for Business Women, Migrant Women, Single Mothers and Widows in the Canada

Achieve greater clarity, courage, direction, and inspiration to achieve your BIG DREAMS for you and your family
Coaching & Motivation

Maji's coaching style helps growth-obsessed entrepreneurs gain clarity on their visions for their companies and scale with greater ease. She meets you where you’re at, and helps you reverse engineer to where you want to get to.

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Millionaire Mindset

Start thinking like a millionaire, a self-professed and business owner. Maji's loves sharing her real world experience with audiences of growth-oriented entrepreneurs - and those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

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Successful Thinking

Adopt the mindset that will explode your life & biz. Maji is involved at a senior or strategic level, as owner, founder or lead strategist of an international consultancy and business services company. What are you waiting for?

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60 Day 1 ON 1 Coaching

Private mentorship for deep transformational change to skyrocket your business.

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Guidance & Support

Not sure where to start? Get out of Overwhelm and into Action. Let’s talk.

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Uplevel Group Coaching

A online Group Coaching Program to Help you Package and Profit from What You Do Best.

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Maji's coaching provides personal development coaching for business women,migrant women, single mothers and widows in the Canada. Working with women one-on-one or in small groups, Maji's coaching is committed to creating pathways to happiness, confidence, and self-love. Get your Business & Life Moving.

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Success Stories

  • Knowing Maji personally, I know this – she is passionate and deeply committed to helping women build the lives and careers they dream of. And her Amazing Career Project course is a perfect way to get the information, support, and guidance you need if you long to create more happiness and fulfillment in your work.
    Ann Thompson

  • Having seen several speakers that empower women on conference stages, and knowing Maji Efevwerha personally, I’ve seen that she is a passionate, trusted advisor and advocate for women looking to build a career that is aligned with their passion and purpose.
    Sabrina Wangshu

  • Maji Efevwerha is THE expert and my go-to person when it comes to empowering women to “dig deep, discover their right work, and illuminate the world with it.”. If you long to get unstuck and build the life and career you’ve been dreaming of, make this investment in yourself.
    Micthel Donguja

You’re meant for some thing BIG & it Starts Here!

Let’s get honest about what you really want, and what you’re really willing to do to get there.Time to push past fear, perfectionism, and excuses so you can put an action plan in place, and get your business moving … Now’s the time to align all the pieces so that you can ensure lasting and sustainable success.